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Let us transform your outdoor space into something practical – like a retaining wall! Let us open up that dirt and create an incredible walled garden. This allows your outdoor space more room for other plant and rock embellishments. Choose Vancity Elite to build your retaining walls that will stand the test of time.

In a city like Metro Vancouver where there are many hills and steep slopes, retaining walls are common part of many landscapes. Our specialized masonry walls, or planters are used to level or retain slopes and soil. They can help create more usable landscape space and give added character and texture to your landscape. Retaining walls can also be used to stabilize your property’s landscape, adding to its overall value.

Retaining walls or walled gardens, can be built using wood, concrete, rocks, and manufactured concrete retaining wall blocks. They can also be built using different techniques.

We are one of the best professional retaining wall companies in Langley, Valley, and neighboring areas. Whether you’re looking for an Allan Block retaining wall or wood retaining wall; we’ve got you covered with our superb retaining wall services.

We have years of experience under our belt and deliver stellar results in minimal time. We are one of the best retaining wall companies in the Langley area because of the spectacular results that we can achieve under the banner of our retaining walls service.

As one of the affordable retaining walls companies, we offer our masonry walls service at budget-friendly costs. Our customers love us because of the detailed retaining walls estimates that we provide.


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Allan Block is a leading provider of patented retaining wall systems. For over twenty-five years Allan Block has been bringing innovative products to the landscape community. We can provide quality and performance to any project with our complete line of products. You can be confident you are making the right choice with any Allan Block product.

What Affects Wall Design?

Vegetation and the Environment Existing trees and other vegetation can be designed into the wall layout as needed. New plantings can be added to enhance the total landscape and the walls used as planters. Any plantings directly behind the wall need to be done carefully as not to disturb any reinforcement that may have been added when the wall was built. The Base or Foundation You must build on solid ground. If your site has soft, wet soils, or if the area was previously excavated, the foundation’s soil may need to be replaced with good base materials and firmly compacted. Determining Wall Height A detailed understanding of the site elevations and grade changes are needed to determine wall heights.

Create Lasting Value

In-Wall Planters and Terracing Terraced walls can create more usable space, tame slopes, build raised gardens or can give your yard a more aesthetic look.

Planters  Bring the ground to the gardener! Create easy garden beds that are easy to access and maintain.

Plantable walls can be easily incorporated into your design. Planting areas are formed by simply stepping back the wall and planting in the exposed area. Ivy can also be planted at the bottom of the wall to grow up and cover the blocks.



Valley Stone is a structural wall block with a textured, split face appearance and an open core design. This stone block is fully capable of meeting whatever design requirement you may have for your project. There is a unique rear pin and channel system built into this block, which allows for multiple setback positions and makes Valley Stone very easy to install.

It’s the perfect choice for flower beds all the way up to structural retaining walls.

Features & Benefits – Valley Stone Pinned Block System

  • Available in many beautiful colour choices
  • Rear pin and channel system makes the wall very easy to install
  • The pin system allows for multiple setback options making the block perfect for all your design needs



Pisa is the original, classic block that started it all. Over the last 25 years it has sustained its place in the market due to its versatility, structural stability, simplistic installation and Contractor friendly design features.

This SRW system is ideally suited to handle grade changes in any landscape or garden project and will help maximize functional space for patios, terraces and parking. Pisa offers a complete range of blocks to easily create curved or straight walls, steps, planters and pillars, or retaining walls over 7m when combined with geogrid reinforcement.



In most cases, it’s the simple construction and low costs that make wood retaining walls the most common choice for do-it-yourself home improvement. This kind of wall is also an affordable way your landscape contractor can control short slopes that may erode or prove unstable over time. In recent years the demand for raised bed food gardens has brought a lighter version of this retaining wall into many new landscape projects.

Timber retaining walls remain popular. They can last a long time, but only if the timber has been properly treated. Treated pine retaining walls are popular, but timber sleepers and hardwood retaining walls are also available.

A timber retaining wall can be simple or complex. It can have upright pieces and capping or be a simple design with no ornamentation other than the natural appearance of the timber.

While timber may not be as long lasting as concrete, it has a natural appearance that may be perfect for a walled garden in many front or back yards. If timber is professionally installed and treated, it can last many years and enhance the appearance of your yard. For greater longevity, timber sleepers can last 15 to 20 years. After that, they will have to be replaced.


The boulder serves as a masonry wall allows for a natural barrier to hold back imported topsoil. This elevation ensures the root crown and much of the root zone itself is adequately drained for the average landscape plant to survive.

For customers who are keen on using native plants, particularly those that originate in mountainous regions of the west, fast drainage is essential. They may even choose this method to elevate planting even though reasonably well drained soils exist on site. Natives thrive in the nooks and crannies created behind and in between the boulders which create a setting that is similar to their habitat of origin.

Large boulders must be hand selected and heavy equipment is essential to setting them just so to exploit the natural beauty of each one. Your contractor may visit the stone yard and hand pick the boulders, particularly where lichen and moss encrustations are desirable for the project. Be aware that if boulders are not locally available, transportation costs can be considerable due to size and weight.

The weakness of this solution is that these boulders function much as they would in nature. It can be difficult to control water flow in and around such barriers because there are gaps where the stones meet unless mortared into place. These allow water and sediment to flow through and may deposit beyond the face of the wall during periods of heavy or rapid runoff. But when beautifully planted, there is no more natural solution to a slight grade change in a landscape.

You can see some of our retaining walls in our gallery section.

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