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A common issue that homeowners run into is improper drainage of rainwater in their yard. Low spots and uneven ground can fill with water, and if the water has nowhere to drain, it will pool in your yard. This can cause unsightly pools of mud, garden erosion, and even property damage. Are you noticing pooling by your downspouts? A collection of water surrounding the foundation of your home? If so, you have a drainage issue. Thankfully this issue is rarely unsolvable! A proper drainage system can be easily installed by our skilled team of Langley landscaper team.

Our formally trained drainage installation technicians find drainage solutions with expertise, and in a timely matter. Pooling water can be alarming to see; but rest assured that Landscaping Langley Professionals will find and implement permanent solutions in the blink of an eye. Installing a drainage system requires careful planning. Deciding where to relocate the water requires a keen eye and a creative mind. In some cases, we’ll be able to re-route your excess water to a location that will greatly benefit from it! Creating a harmonious landscape, and using each facet of the landscape, is something we at Langley Landscaping Pro’s pride ourselves on. 

Our drainage systems are made to last, and that’s why we install them with a three-year guarantee! As one of the top landscaping companies, we do it right the first time, so you don’t have to worry. We’re thrilled to offer many different discreet and attractive solutions for all of your drainage needs! 

Call today, and our trusted landscaping company provide you with a thorough drainage plan that works with your landscape design. Landscaping Langley BC made easy! As professionals, we can’t wait to install your perimeter drainage and drains today!


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What should you do when something goes wrong?


Perimeter is drain clogged

Over time, perimeter drains can become clogged by dirt, roots, or other debris and will then be unable to carry water away from your house. If the perimeter drain is clogged, water may seep into your concrete basement wall because it’s got nowhere else to go. Concrete is not impermeable, so it is very important to keep the water running away.

Deteriorating tiles

Older homes sometimes have clay or concrete weeping tiles, which do tend to deteriorate, collapse, and become blocked with dirt and roots as they age. You may need to replace the whole system with modern plastic weeping tile, or in some cases, you can simply replace the damaged sections.



If the tiles have a blockage, but they haven’t collapsed, you may be able to have the system flushed. A professional can dig access points around the basement walls to access the drain and clean it out. Some older drain pipes have ridges on the inside which make it impossible to clean. These would probably need to be replaced.

Think about replacements

When the perimeter drains are installed, a layer of gravel is generally placed on top of the perimeter drainage system, before the dirt is filled back in. This should prevent clogging. However, if the system is clogged up, there’s not much you can do besides having the whole area dug up again, and the pipes replaced.

Install a clean-out port

If you are replacing your system, consider having a clean-out port installed. This type of port can be accessed from the surface, so there is no digging up to worry about should the system need cleaning at some point in the future.

Connected to a sewer system?

Some older homes were constructed with the perimeter drainage and weeping tile connected directly to the sewer system, which is not designed to handle large volumes of runoff. If your home’s weeping tile or perimeter drainage system is connected to the sewer, you may be at risk of contributing to an overload of the system, which can cause water backups. You may want to consider disconnecting your home’s drainage from the sewer system.

A couple of indicators of a drainage problem are:

  • Water stains on your basement walls. These are an indication that something is wrong and could be followed by serious flooding if some action isn’t taken.
  • Puddles close to your home’s foundation: This could definitely be a sign that your yard is not properly sloped away from your home, or that your downspouts are not directing water from the roof far enough away.


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