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Whether you live in Vancouver, B.C. or the Tri-Cities area, you’ll love the longevity of a Vancity Elite patio because we use the proper construction techniques for the foundation and quality paving stones. Like any great structure, if it’s built on a solid base it is going to have lasting power. You can see the mark of a “quality” Vancity Elite stone patio in the finishing touches. The right patio stones, the right border, the right design choices, and the best patio pavers in Vancouver and Tri-Cities all contribute to a top finished product. In addition to your standard patio, our expert team can build stone pathways and paving stones driveways, allowing the same style and feel to continue throughout your property.

Whether you need a pathway and steps to your front door or a stone walkway around the side of your house, or you want to create the ultimate patio for your outdoor gatherings, Vancity Elite is the right choice to get it done. We create and build beautiful extensions of your home that your guests, neighbors, and family will love for years to come. 

When that patio gets a little dirty and used, just call us for a quick pressure washing to get those patio stones back to their finest state.

Why Choose Patio Stones?

There are two basic types of paver materials: Manufactured or Concrete Blocks, and Natural Stone. Concrete paving stones are versatile and offer endless design and color options. Natural Stone is strong, resilient and a great investment, it can also be quarried locally.

Paving Stones – Benefits:

  1. Character– Paving stones patios are first class features that can be personalized to suit your desire.
  2. Durability– Unlike stamped concrete, paving stones won’t crack, fade, or get wear patterns.
  3. Easily Repaired – Vancity Elite patios rarely sink. However, in the unlikely event one does, it allows for adjustments to make it look as good as new.
  4. Price– Patio Stones are cheaper than stamped concrete and comparable to regular poured concrete.
  5. Maintenance– Sealed with polymer sand, our patio pavers make it so the patio paving stones have low water permeability and are resistant to weeds and ants.


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