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From a simple front flower bed to a large acreage, no job is too big or too small. Whether you are just starting to landscape your yard, have mature plants and shrubs, or if you want to expand your existing system, we will install the system that is right for you. The average sprinkler system can be installed in one day.  

At Vancity Elite Sprinkler Service, we pride ourselves on quality installations. During the installation process, our team of professional installers will make every effort to respect your property, and minimal damage will occur. We use specialized equipment for installing pipe into the ground with minimal impact. Soon after the system is installed, the sprinkler lines will hardly be visible. 

As part of the installation, we will program your system and run a full diagnostic to ensure proper operation and water coverage to your yard. We will then provide you with a tutorial of the programming and operations of your system. 

Every installation is covered by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and a 5-year warranty.



A commercial automatic irrigation system is a cost-effective investment, by decreasing the daily business expense of maintenance personnel, in addition to its efficient use of water. An irrigation system will ensure health and beauty of your commercial landscape, reflect your professional standards, and enhance your public identity. 

At Vancity Elite Sprinkler Service, we have the crew and the equipment to get the job done. Our extensive experience with commercial irrigation design and installation allows us to confidently tackle any sized project. We understand the conditions of completing your project on time and within budget.  

Our installations are completed in compliance with all drawings and specifications, while using the proper trenching and drilling equipment to ensure a quality installation.


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For non-grass areas like landscaping beds, vegetable garden and container plants, drip irrigation is an ideal watering solution that will provide great results while saving you water.  Some benefits of drip irrigation include:


  • Water savings, since only those areas directly around the plant’s root zone are irrigated.
  • Plants undergo less stress from variations in soil moisture. Plant growth and appearance are enhanced.
  • Weed growth is reduced because areas between plants are not irrigated.
  • The low application rate and the use of automatic timers results in precise water control.



An automatic sprinkler system provides you with a healthy and beautiful landscape and improves your curb appeal.  It is one of the best investments you can make in your home and can increase your property value.  An automatic sprinkler system will also help to conserve water. Your system will disperse just the right amount of water on your specified lawn and garden areas, so water is not wasted.

 The biggest advantage to owning an automatic sprinkler system might be the convenience.  You will no longer have to spend your valuable time watering by hand and or moving hoses around your lawn.  An automatic sprinkler system can also extend the life of your lawn and landscaping beds.

  • Save Time:  Inground sprinkler systems work on their own, so no more wasting time manually watering. Now you have more time to do the things you love, while your lawn gets what it needs to thrive.  Relax when on holidays knowing you don’t have to rely on your neighbour to water your pots.
  • Save Money:  The benefits of an lawn sprinkler system outweigh the initial cost of the system, which will pay for itself sooner than you think.  With timers and rain sensors, your landscape with get the water it needs, when it’s needed.
  • Save Water:  With an automatic underground sprinkler system, there is no water wasted.  Deliver the amount of water you need and eliminate run off.

Irrigation Types



We stock a full range of sprinkler bodies, nozzles and rotors. Durable and long lasting with efficiency in mind, we have a sprinkler that can get your watering job done.


High and low flow conditions call for valves that are built to last. Our valve product lines are hardy, dependable and built to ensure your operation flows smoothly.

Drip Irrigation

A sustainable solution to watering your plants, drip irrigation gets straight to the roots. Avoid wasting water and give your plants the attention they deserve. Ewing carries a broad selection of drip irrigation products to ensure you are properly equipped for your upcoming project.

Container Irrigation

Tournesol products are self-watering irrigation systems with options to fit virtually any shaped pot or planter. The hand-filled reservoirs in each pot use a vacuum-sensor system to give plants exactly the amount of water they need, meaning less hand watering is required.

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