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Are you currently planning a residential or commercial building job? Do you need assistance with grading or site preparation? Are you currently searching with? Are you currently looking for excavation contractors in Vancouver, BC? You are in the perfect location!

We’re one of the best excavation companies that specializes in supplying our clientele with quality grading and excavation solutions. Grading and excavation is moving dirt around. It’s using heavy equipment and a process which requires articulate preparation, we understand just how much actualizing and stressful preparation a job may be that is why we aim on making your job a great deal simpler! 

Whether you have a simple addition, are looking to widen your driveway, need extra dirt removed from your yard, a new house that needs to be excavated or something more complicated like a basement excavation or excavation in a space-constrained location, we have the equipment to get your job done on budget, safely, and on time.


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Cut and Fill Excavation

Basement Excavation

Trench Excavation


Excavation by Material

Topsoil Excavation

As the name suggests, this type of excavation involves the removal of the exposed or the topmost area of the earth’s surface. The excavation method removes vegetation, soil, and any other decaying material that could make the land unsuitable to bear structural loads.

Rock Excavation

This type of excavation is used to clear surfaces; like the rocky surfaces that impede the building process. Rock excavation is highly challenging as compared to the other types. This is because it cannot be done without the use of special equipment and techniques like drilling or blasting to remove the rock or clear a tough surface.

Muck Excavation

Muck, the combination of soil and water, is often undesirable during construction and needs to be removed. Muck excavation is named after the material being removed. The muck is either moved to another area or spread out to dry.

Earth Excavation

To create a foundation for buildings and bridges or construct drainage ditches various layers of earth need to be removed. Earth excavation includes the removal of soil; the layer below the topsoil, for the purpose of construction.


Excavation by Purpose

Cut and Fill Excavation

Also known as stripping excavation, this type of excavation in construction is used to clear large areas. The process involves the removal of wide and shallow layers of topsoil, rocks, sand, and other unwanted materials. The procedure may also include grading the land.

Trench Excavation

In this type of excavation the length of the excavated area exceeds the depth. Trench excavation is typically used to bury service lines, to install pipelines and sewer systems, or lay foundations. Shallow trenches of less than 6m or deep trenches of more than 6m are done using this type of excavation. The techniques used for this type is dependent on factors like the purpose, ground conditions, number of obstructions, and so on.

Basement Excavation

Basement is typically the area below the ground level. This type of excavation is used when the construction is to be done at least partially below the ground level. Depending on the size of the property, this type of excavation can be complicated. We are one of the best excavation companies to perform this type of service! We also offer other basement services such as perimeter drainage in case you didn’t know!


Sediment deposits can build up over time under water making construction, as well as the passage, difficult. The process of dredging involves excavating and removing sediments and debris from underwater to allow boats and ships to pass easily and for other construction purposes.

While these were some, there are many other types of excavation used in construction. If you’re looking for excavation contractors in Vancouver and Tri-Cities just call us now!

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