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With epoxy floors in Langley and beyond on the rise, many homeowners are attempting to do the installation themselves. Using epoxy floor kits may seem like the perfect solution for any newbie, but if you want the best results then it requires in depth knowledge, experience, and skill. At Vancity Elite, we are dedicated and proud of the work we do. Our reputation is built on customer experience and amazing results.

Before our team applies the epoxy floor coating, they take time to prepare your concrete. Vancity Elite uses only the top epoxy products to ensure outstanding results. The concrete floor should be smooth and dry for epoxy floor installation. We make sure to fill in any cracks and we ground the surface until smooth. Any stains or marks will be properly dealt with and eliminated before we start the immaculate epoxy floor project.

We serve commercial and residential customers with high-quality Langley, BC epoxy flooring installation.


Epoxy Flooring Installation Services Offered

Many residential and commercial customers desire epoxy flooring since it’s an aesthetically beautiful solution for multi-purpose floors. Epoxy is first applied as a liquid which cures into a hard plastic surface. Vancity Elite’s epoxy floor contractors offer custom epoxy flooring in Langley, BC and beyond to make your vision a reality.

We can do everything from metallic epoxy garage floor coatings to professional epoxy flake flooring.



Garage floor epoxy in Langley, BC is our most common service – who wouldn’t want a clean, sparkling garage floor? Our garage floor epoxy team can convert your garage into a gorgeous space for your vehicles, or for your workout area, or the kids play area. Get rid of those tire marks and oil spills … get garage epoxy floor coating which comes in infinite colors and options!


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Whether you need epoxy floor coating for a restaurant, school, medical center, or a retail store, we’ve got you covered. We do epoxy floors on a variety of commercial spaces that includes both aesthetics and function. Epoxy can be customized to match perfectly with your facility and we offer a variety of color options that can be used for different areas. Unlike other flooring systems, our epoxy products won’t break down when subjected to food, chemical, and water spills, and other harmful agents.



When you’re looking for the number one flooring choice for an extensive range of industrial applications like laboratories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, epoxy flooring is the way to go. Epoxy flooring in Langley BC is particularly formulated to resist most chemicals to maintain a beautifully clean surface. You can expect epoxy flooring to last up to 10 years.

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Do you have any questions about epoxy flooring installation? See below:


Is an epoxy flooring system durable?

Yes, epoxy flooring can be one of the strongest flooring systems offered. Epoxy comes in several grades, each with its own durability rating. Solvent-based epoxy coatings can be anywhere from 30-70% solid with good resistance and durability. 100% solid epoxy has the highest durability with the best protection against spills and chemicals.

The best way to ensure a durable final product is to have skilled epoxy flooring professionals do the job. Our epoxy contractors take the time to cautiously prepare your concrete prior to application to guarantee excellent adhesion and cure strength.


What are the benefits of epoxy flooring in Langley?

  • Adds slip resistance, durability, chemical resistance, and a low-maintenance surface.
  • Epoxy flooring combines aesthetics with durability and safety.
  • Multi-purpose for laundry room, garage, basement or living room, as well as commercial and industrial uses
  • A garage epoxy floor coating can give your garage a stunning floor that is oil, gas, and chemical-resistant
  • Industrial and commercial customers can appreciate epoxy flooring for its excellent chemical resistance and long life.
  • It’s easy to clean. With a smooth surface, epoxy is a hygienic choice for medical facilities, laboratories, and other facilities.


How long should I imagine my epoxy floor to last?

You can usually expect your epoxy flooring to last for up to 10 years. The lifespan of your new epoxy floor will depend on how it’s installed, its location, the grade of epoxy, and how it’s used.

Professional installation is the most important factor in long-lasting epoxy flooring.


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